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What is Medical Grade Skin Care

By 2018, the skin care industry will be an 11 billion dollar business in the United States. No kidding, 11 BILLION dollars...for...Skin Care?? Our biggest, largest, organ, YES! Why wouldn't so many people/companies want a piece of that pie? Consumers need education on where to turn for the right answers because the choices are endless.

Persons in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond seek anti-aging prevention, but younger people are cueing in on the importance of caring for what he or she is blessed with at a young age. Often times, a skin condition leads a person to buy a product, for example, acne treatment.

I had a client recently share with me, she was spending $175 a month on an ongoing acne treatment regimen. Unfortunately, three months passed and her face remained acne ridden. I

placed her on the B-Active Environ® program, saved her $$ and we are seeing dramatic changes in just a few weeks.

I spent years fighting acne and I am THAT consumer that wants to find the correct products to reverse damage and maintain healthy skin. When I turned 40, I was done with the sun. No more damage "on purpose" to my face. Products now can prevent, protect and reverse damage.

Someone said to me recently, "Oh, I don't do anything to my face anymore, I am 50". (Insert audible gasp!) Ok, I am four years from turning 50 and I sure do!!! I want to fight the premature-aging fight and part of that battle was really looking at the damage the sun was causing to my skin. Cue the lecture: skin cancer is real. Not only does the sun accelerate the breakdown of collagen and display the premature signs of aging, but most people either have or know someone that has dealt with a skin biopsy or an actual skin cancer diagnosis.

The debate of what brand or system one should use can be debated until the wrinkles come home. We all have the Facebook feeds of the multi-level marketing systems and the "amazing" before and after pics. How about those late night infomercials, celebrity brand endorsements and the home shopping networks that suck you in and get you to buy? Not to mention, the high-end retail stores that can get Granny to pay $280 for the tiniest bottle of eye cream. Why is it everywhere? Let me repeat my first sentence: in the U.S alone, the skin care industry will be an 11 billion dollar industry by 2018. Consumers are spending dollars and experts in the field predict the industry will just continue to evolve.

In order for me to obtain my certification in aesthetic and dermatology nursing, I had to successfully study and pass microbiology...again. I value the experience now, but at that time I was overwhelmed. Today, I embrace my ongoing studies on skin care and the products that I have in my own bathroom, the products I have on my shelf in the med spa and even the products that show up on my Facebook feed. Knowledge is so important.

I am backed by medical directors that allow me to assist our clients, with medical grade skin care, which means, a level of active ingredients one can not obtain in the drugstore, on a home shopping network, at an esthetician spa or your friend's social media thread.

Medical grade skin care is only distributed by a licensed professional and followed by a physician's supervision. I thought medical grade products would break the bank. Learn the correct way to use the products, purchase the ingredients/nutrients for your skin and you will save money and see results. Medical grade skin care should last 2.5-3 months when used properly on a 2x daily regimen.

Would you like to learn more? Call today 937-521-1111 for a consult or

email @ All laser clients receive 25% off medical grade skin care.

March special: anyone that mentions this blog will also receive 25% off a skin care regimen designed especially for you.

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