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Dermal Rejuvenation System by Circadia

*not recommended for anyone under the age of 30*

The SWiCH™  Dermal Rejuvenation Professional Treatment is a unique alternative to chemical peels for age-damaged skin. Every four weeks your skin cells will be gently and safely revitalized for fresher, younger-looking skin. SWiCH™ will help achieve these goals with little or no down time or discomfort.

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How does SWiCH™ work?

SWiCH™ takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism, to help restore skin’s optimum appearance, without injury to the skin. This revolutionary treatment is refreshing and painless, and leaves the skin looking luminous and firmer with an even, balanced skin tone.

SWiCH™ is a leave on system. The active ingredients remain on the skin to provide longevity in repairing and restoring the skin. After the treatment the client will use special home care for three days, this is very safe and does not burn the skin as traditional peel treatments may injury the skin . You may experience a warm sensation for about sixty seconds during the treatment.   Most clients experience little to no peeling. Any redness will subside within a few hours. This treatment is recommended every four-to-six weeks, for 6-12 sessions for optimal results.

Clients considering this program must discontinue the use of Retin A or any AHA products 4 weeks prior. One treatment per month.

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