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SAS Offers Many Weight Loss Options

Lipo Mino Program

HGC Clean Diet Program

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MICC "Fat Burning Injection"

Body Contouring

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Lipo Mino Program

Consistent Lipo Mino injections may

  • Assist in breakdown of fat

  • Aid in liver detoxification

  • Aid in redistribution of body fat

  • Help lower cholesterol

  • Appetite suppressant 

  • Increase energy

  • 3 Injections for  $45

NOW AVAILABLE: Daily Spray  $75

HGC Clean Diet Program

Weight loss with the HCG diet can be dramatic, as much as one pound per day. 


At SAS Med Spa your success will be closely managed by Dr. Nedelman and your success coach, Hope!

Introductory Special: 40 Day Program  $495

More Options


Just need energy? B12 shots available  $12

Fat Burn

The new MICC "Fat Burning Injection"  $20

Body Contouring

See what Body Contouring can do for you

Skin Tightening

Explore SAS Skin Tightening options