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Diet Apples med

Weight Loss

SAS Offers Many Weight Loss Options

Lipo Mino Program

Semaglutide (GLP-1 medication) Program

Tirzepatide (GLP-1 medication) Program

B12 Shots

Weight Management with Sermorelin

Body Contouring 

Skin Tightening

Lipo Mino Program

Consistent Lipo Mino injections may

  • Assist in breakdown of fat

  • Aid in liver detoxification

  • Aid in redistribution of body fat

  • Help lower cholesterol

  • Appetite suppressant 

  • Increase energy

  • 3 Injections for  $45

NOW AVAILABLE: Daily Spray  $75

Tirzepatide another (GLP-1) option

Semaglutide (GLP-1)

Weight loss with a GLP-1 medication are one of the most effective drug classes for long-term weight loss on the market. This is a FDA approved program. Research has shown patients can lose 15%-20% of their body weight.


At SAS Med Spa your progress will be closely managed by Dr. Nedelman and your success coach, Hope!

Schedule your Physician consult today for $100

once approved your first step shot is $50 

receive 3 B12 shots with this special.


Phone: 9375211111

More Options


Just need energy? B12 shots available  $12

Fat Burn

The new MICC "Fat Burning Injection"  $20

Body Contouring

See what Body Contouring can do for you

Skin Tightening

Explore SAS Skin Tightening options

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