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Lash Lift & Tint: the download

Are you tired of putting mascara on every day? Looking for depth and definition on your lashes ? Maybe you would like to look more youthful or awake… we have the answer- Lash Lift & Tint!!

Here at SAS Med Spa we offer premium lash lifts with InLei® products. Lash lifts are also referenced to as lash perms. The results of the treatment varies and can last anywhere between 4-8 weeks based on aftercare and your own cell turnover rate. However, 4-8 weeks of no mascara and extremely low maintenance sounds great to us and you can skip that daily curl.

If you prefer a more natural look but still crave definition we highly recommend the lash tint treatment which is why we offer the services together. Lash tinting dyes the eyelashes and can last approximately 2-4 weeks based upon aftercare.

What to expect:

Come to your appointment with no eye makeup on, try to avoid waterproof mascara for a few days prior, and be prepared to lay back with your eyes closed for approximately 45 mins.

With perming and tinting you may experience a slight smell during the treatment. We recommend not wearing contacts during this service as they may become irritated. If you have any adhesive allergies this may not be the treatment for you. Once you are prepped there is a silicone lash curler is attached to your eyelid that holds your lashes down to achieve the perfect curl. The perming solution is applied and will sit on your lashes for approximately 6-10 minutes. The perming solution is then rinsed and a setting solution is applied for approximately 5 minutes. If you choose the tint option, the tint is applied to your lashes for an additional 10 minutes. Your lashes are rinsed and wallah beautiful lashes!

Aftercare: 1. Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours. Including swimming, hot tubs, steam(cooking), and washing 2. No eye makeup for 24 hours (mascara or eyeliner) 3. Do not rub eyes 4. Avoid all oil based products as much as possible

Concerns: Concerns with a lash lift and tint are minimal, but here are a few things to consider. Perming solutions can be harsh on lashes which can sometimes lead to breakage. Leaving it to the licensed professionals greatly minimizes this risk. No matter what you’ve heard or seen on Tik Tok or YouTube, do NOT do this procedure yourself. Leave it up to us!

Tips: For increased lash health, comb your lashes regularly, keep them clean and for additional moisture you can comb through vitamin E oil. SAS Med Spa offers a wonderful product called Rapid Lash which can help make your lashes fuller and potentially longer! Ask us for more information!

Did you know!? Waterproof mascara can damage your lashes if used daily! While special occasions are fine, you should consider switching your mascara to a water based product. Waterproof mascara is difficult to remove and if not removed properly can create a build up of bacteria.


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