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Protect your face! Facts about microneedling.

The popularity of microneedling is growing exponentially. Microneedling is an effective minimally invasive treatment of skin rejuvenation. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a treatment option to improve acne scaring, fine lines, and skin tone and texture.

Educate yourself and remember these 3 "P"s of microneedling...provider, procedure & price.

1. Your provider: In the state of Ohio, microneedling is considered a medical procedure. Microneedling is permitted by a registered nurse under the direction and guidance of a medical director. As a R.N. and a Certified Aesthetic Nurse, I've obtained three separate certifications in microneedling.

2. Procedure: microneedling is a procedure that requires a clean, controlled environment. We are a medical facility, our numbing ointment is medical grade. Our topical anesthesia, allows the treatment to proceed at minimal discomfort. At SAS Med Spa, I follow the Environ Skin Care protocol (Dr. Des Fernandes ~ the founder of microneeding in the U.S~1998).

3. Price: How I spend my hard earned money is important to me and I am sure it is important to you. At SAS Med Spa, we provide the highest quality service at the most affordable price. We currently have three levels of microneedling services tailored to meet your budget with high quality results.

Taking it to the next level!!!! Introducing the plasma rich protein facial!! You can book now!!!! Your blood is drawn, your protein rich plasma is applied to your skin maximizing the effects of microneedling!!!

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