Social Media is Flippin' the Lip

Research shows in the 1970's cow collagen started the beginning of lip enhancement. It quickly phased out due to complications of allergic reactions & "blown up" lip outcomes. We've all watched the famous flaunt their lips. Lisa Rinna (silicone implant) owned a botched job back in the 1980s. She later had her lips revised - still big... Although, many still criticize her lips, this gorgeous gal embraced her outcome and has used those lips to laugh all the way to the bank. 2015 was a huge year for lip augmentation, hello, Kylie Jenner. We thank you.

I love, love, love to enhance lips with dermal filler. When my instructor said, "Lips will be your hardest skill "-- I totally embraced her challenge. I loved enhancing lips from the beginning. I studied angles, depth, natural vs voluptuous & anti-aging techniques, AGAIN. I have several different fillers that I like for lip enhancement. I choose the filler product based on different client's looks, desires, the filler longevity & budget. 'm

I've got it y'all. I've got you.

Time to address the "lip flip" aka the notorious social media "Lip Flip" with Botox® or Dysport®.

Does SAS Med Spa offer this...YES?! Does Lori love doing it...NO?! Beautiful results, yeah, most of. the time !

Why? Only a handful of clients are candidates. Side effects, although temporary, this treatment can mess up your smile for at least 90 days with drooling, ugh ---we've never caused this because, I screen my clients. The best candidate for the lip flip: full lips, but muscle strength is so strong with a smile or laugh the upper lip disappears, the promise no kisses or straws for 72 hours.


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