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MY laser lipo experience

SAS Med Spa's surgeon, Dr. Rick Nedelman performs our in-office laser lipo procedures on most Thursdays. As the certified aesthetic registered nurse, I follow all our smartlipo® client's experiences /transformations. Last Friday, 1/21/22, I became the patient. Dr. Rick performed laser lipo on my belly & flanks. (abdomen & sides).

What follows are my observations from the procedure.

Pre-procedure prep

Ugh those paper garments - so revealing & scratchy.

Conclusion: allow client to wear a comfortable sports bra. No underwire (laser safety). Depending on the area, allow girls to wear boxers versus those uncomfortable, dental floss, thongs. Continue to reassure the client, you will be covered & warm during your smartlipo®.

Pre-procedure medication

I did not need an anti-anxiety med, because I knew what to expect. "but, oh, that Pronox" ! laughing gas allowed me to just not care, but then be myself in 10 mins. Dr. Rick will prescribe an anti-anxiety medication. a few pain meds & an antibiotic. Pronox is recommended during the numbing process. Pronox is available for $50

Conclusion: At SAS Med Spa, we want you to have a comfortable experience. Everyone's anxiety & pain level is different. We customize specifically for your needs to ensure a pleasant experience .


The staff kept me warm. I was offered sips of water. when thirsty My vital signs were monitored.The procedure was relativity fast in duration. I could chose background music from Alexa. Dr. Rick was comforting and explained the procedure as he worked which was reassuring and calming.

Post Smartlipo® first week

No pain for 36 hours (that numbing solution works!)

After the tumescent wore off, minimal discomfort ~ ibuprofen was my friend, I did not need any narcotic pain medication. All patients are different. Use your voice! if you are have discomfort after the procedure let us know. Dr. Rick prescribes a few pain pills, but most clients tell us ibuprofen works best.

I did not take any vacation days. My schedule never stopped. By Wednesday, I was tired. I underestimated, this is a procedure. I've not had a period for 12 months. I spotted for 3 days post procedure. I've always felt, as a women, spotting tells us our body is stressed.

I stayed active, but learned to rest when I felt tired. I'm committed to the compression garment. My clinical brain knows its so important, but it is very annoying. I do love the support to my abdominal area, but those panty lines (circa 1970s)! I did upgrade mine to a different style to allow me to wear my bra. Clients will now have a choice regarding compression garment. It is Sunday night (9 days post Smartlip®). I already see my waist contouring. I feel fantastic not just from the Smartlipo®, the Bengals are going to the super bowl!

I'll keep you updated on my process/progress. If you are interested in scheduling a consult, call 937-521-1111 or email:

~ Lori N.


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