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Monday Motivation

A brutally honest testimonial

I am a 57 year old woman who has struggled with my weight and image for many years now. My jobs and lifestyle demand a tremendous amount of physical activity - I am on the go constantly. My eating habits are for the most part better than most. I only drink water (or an occasional adult beverage 😊), stay away from pasta and sugar, no whites. I do have a sweet tooth but try to stay under 5 grams of sugar usually except for the occasional binge. A year ago, I was in a farm related accident which caused my very active self to be confined to a wheelchair then walker for 5 months. Trust me, sitting on the sidelines of life causes you to think and rethink your previous history and your future. When released, I started my journey of wellness. I absolutely HAD to get better as I have many who depend on me. I began strength training at a local gym to work on my balance and surprisingly l have remained loyal and continued. I have returned to my daily physical demands and then some. After months of "the try" I really couldn't see any results. Yes, I felt better and stronger but I wanted to look in the mirror and see me differently. Keep in mind, we are all our own worst critic and I had plenty of loved ones assuring me I was beautiful. It wasn't enough. I was striving to be that incredible 25 year old that was living in my mind! After months of frustration, I was ready to hit the "I give" button. ENTERS LORI NEDELMAN AND SAS MED SPA.......

I have known Lori and her husband Rick on several levels personally and professionally. I thought I remembered a social media post about a new lipo procedure they had introduced a while back. After unsuccessfully googling (I'm old school) I sent Lori a text asking for some information. We chatted (texted) for a while and within days I was in the office for a consultation about Smart Lipo. THIS IS IMPORTANT ! I am a person of instant gratification. Both Lori and her husband Dr. Nedelman took a tremendous amount of time explaining the procedure but most importantly making sure I was a perfect candidate and that my expectation wasn't unrealistic. In other words, unlike other facilities, my health and emotional well being was put first and foremost rather than my money. Every detail of the experience was presented and every detail was accurate from the arrival to the 3 month post visit. It is not a weight loss procedure.... It is not painful...... It is uncomfortable for the first 2 days.... It is not instantly gratifying. If you follow the instructions you will be thrilled with the result. Within 2 weeks I had folks remarking about the changes (I did not tell anyone about the procedure) I have included my 3 month before and after photo which is still difficult for me. I am amazed with my progress. For me, this was a life changer. I feel better about myself and I am anxious to continue on my fitness journey. It was affordable, it was local and has been the push I needed before just giving up. I cannot say enough about the amazing staff and treatment I received thru out the entire process. When in doubt remember this:

"YOU ARE SO WORTH IT" signed, K.

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