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Easy care routine for eyelash extensions

Importance of Caring for Eyelash Extensions

Did you just get a full set of eyelash extensions or a refill to get that fresh, full, glamourous look? We all love the fact, eyelash extensions ease our everyday routine! Ever wonder what the big secret is to making those gorgeous lashes last even longer? The secret isn’t so big. It is actually just performing the proper care for the extensions in between refill sessions.

Natural eyelashes are there to catch and stop any debris, dust, allergens and airborne particles from getting into the eye. Not to mention environmental allergens such as dust, pollen, mold and pet dander. Now imagine all of that debris building up on the eyelash extensions more and more every day. YUCK! The most common reason to get eyelash extensions is to keep everyday life, low maintenance, while still looking beautiful. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an at home, simple, upkeep on eyelash extensions? With NovaLash® eyelash extensions and NovaLash® brand supplies, the daily routine can be quite simple.

Cleaning the lashes, every night, is extremely important. The cleanLash™ cleansing pads makes this, before bed, routine easy. Simply take a cleanLash™ cleansing pad and gently wipe over the eyelash extensions. This fast, easy task will remove makeup and debris, as well as, condition the lashes. A 3-in-1 step process, what gets better than that? How about knowing the cleanLash™ cleansing pads do not contain any glycol or carbonates. No glycol or carbonates keep the eyelash extensions safe and secure!

Brushing through the lashes every morning and every night with the LASHwand is important. A twice daily, brushing routine will keep the lashes from tangling and brush out debris that may be in the lashes. Keeping your lash brush or wand clean, is just as important as cleaning the lashes themselves. Think about having an ordinary eyelash wand in your pocket, purse, makeup bag or just laying out on a bathroom counter. The eyelash wand can be covered with all sorts of dirt and bacteria and you just used it on your beautiful eyelash extensions! Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of cleaning the lashes if a dirty wand is going to be used to brush them after cleaning? Of course it does! Is there an easier way to keep the wand clean and not go through so much trouble to do so? Absolutely! NovaLash® likes to make everything easier for us to maintain our lashes between refills. NovaLash® brand offers a retractable LASHwand that allows the brush to stay free of dirt and debris. The LASHwand makes your lashes fluffier and fuller after each use. Also, the LASHwand has a smaller tip to make it easier to brush through the inner corner eyelashes.

Winter is just around the corner. Wintertime means fuzzy socks, hot chocolate and snowball fights! Winter is beautiful, but winter can be harsh on eyelash extension adhesive. Our furnaces and fireplaces are keeping us warm and toasty, but the air is dry. Without proper care, the warm, dry air may cause the adhesive to become brittle and the lashes will not last as long. CleanLash™ cleansing pads are infused with pomegranate seed oil to condition and nourish the lashes to keep them flexible and the adhesive strong.

With a simple lash care routine, you will maximize the life of your gorgeous NovaLash® eyelash extensions! Now is the time to get holiday party ready with NovaLash® eyelash extensions. Call 937-521-1111 or email to schedule an appointment today. SAS Med Spa offers a complimentary reward card. Every 6th refill is free!

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