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In my last blog, I discussed adding cosmetic microneedling to your skin care routine as an enhancement to the absorption of your product. Remember, our skin is only able to absorb so much topically, therefore, utilizing a tool, such as, a cosmetic microneedle allows you to not waste product. I believe one of the most misconceptions about cosmetic microneedling, is the consumer thinks he or she is going to mechanically stimulate collagen production. The answer to this question is no. The depth the needle needs to reach, to "wake-up" the collagen warriors, known as fibroblasts, needs to be at least 1mm in most areas. This depth would be unsafe and uncomfortable to try and perform as an at-home treatment.

In my aesthetic program, microneedling, took me way back to microbiology, skin proliferation and the body's response to a wound. So far back, that I could go on and on--and you would begin to snooze upon reading this entry! This section of my program intrigued me because of the cool science behind collagen induction therapy and because of the pictures of before and afters. I am that consumer that benefitted from microneedling. I use microneedling to improve my own skin's condition and imperfections. Microneedling made a difference in my skin's surface. I know with this skill, I contribute to those before and after pictures and make a difference in other's skin surface.

To summarize the science, the micro channels created by the dermal needle trigger the body’s natural healing response to heal the injured epidermis. Known as skin remodeling; wrinkles, pores, scars and stretch marks will soften. The affected tissue is replaced with collagen enriched new tissue. The skin responds by plumping and thickening, consequently, improving the look of skin's imperfections. Comparing the process to a wound healing makes you better understand the process of dermal needling. Once growth factors are released, the intercellular matrix of the skin produces components of fibronectin. This cycle of skin rejuvenation sets the stage for the rebuilding of collagen.

What can you expect?

A topical anesthetic is used to numb the skin's surface. During the procedure, you will feel a mild abrasion sensation. The entire procedure should last 30 minutes. Afterwards, your skin feels like a mild to moderate sun burn for 12 hours to 3 days. Your face may feel a bit puffy and tight. Mild dryness and peeling of your skin may occur. You will experience a noticeable glow very quickly, but visible softening and improvement in your skin's surface will take 2-4 weeks.

A consult is needed to determine your over-all goals and expectations with microneedling. For some clients, I recommend microneedling in a series of 3 treatments scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. An after-care skin care routine will be provided and recommendations will be discussed to achieve maximum benefits with a skin care routine. Protection from the sun and environmental elements will be essential.


I recommend having the procedure on a Thursday or Friday and then try to go make-up free during the weekend. If you are a make-up wearer, no problem, we will provide you with a medical grade, safe foundation to allow you to cover-up. The downtime remains minimal for long, lasting effects of this treatment.

Here is my picture. I have insomnia and I fell asleep!

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