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What is a Med Spa?

A med spa is a medical facility that provides aesthetic treatments by a licensed health care provider. Aesthetic medicine is an area of medicine to enhance the face and body within a medical practice. The medical care provider is operating under their specific scope of practice. Did you know each state dictates the scope of practice of the provider? All states list rules and regulations that health care providers are obligated to follow. Many states differ in the practice of aesthetic medicine. These regulations are set for a variety of reasons. For the consumer, the licensure boards makes the guidelines to reflect high quality care for patients. The responsibility lies on the health care provider to follow the guidelines, although, all consumers should be familiar with a couple of abused rules in the Ohio medical aesthetic community. Did you know Botox® parties in a private home are not permitted in the state of Ohio? Did you know Botox® is ONLY permitted to be administered in a medical practice office or clinic?

SAS Med Spa strives to provide the highest quality of care for our clients. SAS has invested in the education of staff and the safest technology and equipment. If you are investing in yourself, shouldn't you seek out a high quality provider?

Stay tuned for informative blogs provided to you from the staff of SAS Med Spa.

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