SAS Med Spa, Springfield Ohio's premier med spa, is committed  to providing our clients with the best quality and service possible. Offering medical expertise, advance laser technology & medical spa products at affordable prices. 

Reopening update: COVID 19 (our new normal)

Face coverings:

We ask that you wear a face covering until you enter the treatment room.  If you are unable to wear a covering, we ask you to wait in your car until we call you. All staff will wear face masks and a face shield during your treatment.  If your treatment can occur with a face covering, we do ask you to keep it in place during your entire visit.  If your treatment is impossible with a face covering,  your provider will wear a N95 mask and a shield. 


If you need a restroom during your visit please use the restroom outside suite 240.  Please wash your hands x 20 seconds before entering SAS Med Spa, SAS Surgery & Vein Specialists or Pretty Fabulash Aesthetics.  The restroom within suite 240 is for staff only (no exceptions). 


SAS can not provide beverage services.  You may bring something to drink, but we ask you hold it until you are in the treatment room. 


We ask that you please come alone.  If you require a driver, please ask your driver to wait in the car or in the seating in our hallway.  Minor clients may have one guardian present.  No buddy appointments, even if you are scheduled back to back. (No Exceptions) Upon entering suite 240, please see the area marked *Read Client Self Declaration* and use hand sanitizer before proceeding to the front desk. No more than 3 clients are permitted in our waiting area.  You may be asked to wait in the hallway until the number reduces to 3. 

Temperature Check:

All staff will take their temperature prior to starting the day and do a self health assessment.  All clients will have a temperature check prior to treatment.  Anyone with a temperature above 99 degrees will result in a cancellation.  

Consent for Treatment:

Rest assured our electronic pencil and tablet are cleaned after every use.  All consents will contain the following statement: I have read the client self declaration and I meet all criteria to allow for treatment.  I acknowledge I am receiving this treatment during the COVID 19 pandemic, I will not hold SAS Med Spa liable for any complications or adverse effects that may be related to COVID 19.

As SAS Med Spa moves forward in a responsible reopening, we ask that you remember the closeness that is required to provide most services.  If you are not feeling "yourself", we ask that you cancel.  These are elective services and its much safer for everyone to reschedule your visit.  Please note that if a SAS employee becomes ill, this will interrupt our ability to provide services. We can not wait to see you.


Dr. Rick, Lori, Hope & Cassidy

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